Great Workshop on Service and Sponsorship.


Thanks to all who helped put on another fabulous District 11 Workshop. Speakers representing the various Service Entities were well informed, the Mexican food was top notch, the play was a hit, and the Sponsorship Speakers were truly speaking the language of the heart. Special thanks to our visitors; the current CNIA 07 Chair and the Past-Delegate from Panel 50.

For those that missed the skit, “The Sponsoring Game”, you missed some of the best lines ever. Or, as overheard, “I know that person.”

When the Sponsee, Fran Newbie, tried to ask Sponsor #1 her first question, Edna Hardassia rudely interrupted with, “THAT’S MIZZ SPONSOR # 1 TO YOU, MISSY!” and after Fran was able to ask the question of what #1 would say about her having a bad day and was thinking about drinking, Edna responded with “WHAT KIND OF STUPID QUESTION IS THAT? FIRST OFF, I COULD CARE LESS ABOUT HOW BAD YOUR DAY IS SWEETHEART. THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO HAVE REAL PROBLEMS. I WOULD SAY DRAG YOUR BUTT TO A MEETING AND QUIT WHINING.”

Sponsor #2 was Lenny Lamour (‘Nuff said!).

There was a commercial break, advertising your chance to be the one in control with RoboSponsor, coming fully assembled with pre-programmed sound bites like, “You don’t need to call me anymore, I’ll just call you.” and “I don’t know what the heck I’m talking about.”

Despite some of the audience favoring #1 or #2, the Sponsee was able to make her own decision, wisely choosing Sponsor #3, Keisha Simple, who would share the simple program of recovery as laid out in the book Alcoholics Anonymous, going step-by-step and being careful to be as willing, as thorough and as honest as possible. Fran and Keisha would realize it’s not a destination, it’s a journey; a journey filled with laughter, tears, pain, and victory all encompassed in the wonderful fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. They were encouraged that all shall be with them in the fellowship of the spirit and they would surely meet some as they trudge the Road of Happy Destiny.


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