Other 2013 Conference Results


Highlights of other Conference considerations included:

Conference Committee on Literature

  • The committee reviewed the draft pamphlet of “Circles of Love and Service” and offered additional suggestions for the trustees’ Literature Committee to consider.
  • The committee discussed a suggestion to add an index to Alcoholics Anonymous and took no action, noting that our Big Book is spiritual in nature rather than academic and that an index might discourage a full reading of the material.
  • The committee thoroughly discussed a request to add the subtitle ‘None Left Behind’ to the newly revised “A.A. and the Armed Services” pamphlet and took no action.

Conference Committee on Public Information

  • The committee reviewed the 2012 Annual Report from the trustees’ Committee on Public Information regarding G.S.O.’s A.A. Web site and requested that as soon as possible, and independent from the Web site redesign, A.A.W.S. insure that A.A. videos on aa.org be accessible on as wide a variety of electronic devices as possible.
  • The committee reviewed all current A.A. video public service announcements and found them all to be relevant and useful, noting that “Living in Chaos,” which the trustees’ committee had suggested for retirement, continues to effectively portray the consequences of alcoholic drinking.
  • The committee reviewed the report from the trustees’ Public Information Committee on establishing a Public Information Social Media Page and agrees with the trustees’ conclusion that A.A. World Services, the General Service Office, and the A.A. Grapevine and La Viña cannot establish a presence on Facebook in a manner which would be consistent with A.A. Traditions.
  • The committee suggested the General Service Board encourage the trustees’ committees to review existing literature that discusses how A.A. members apply the Eleventh Tradition, e.g., “Questions and Answers on Sponsorship” and “The Twelve Traditions Illustrated,” and suggest updates to the literature that reflect current experience with anonymity in a digital age, with an eye towards reaffirming the importance of the Eleventh Tradition to the Fellowship. 

Conference Committee on Finance

  • The committee reviewed the Self-Support packet and suggested adding the following words to the packaging sleeve: “Information from Self-Support packet also available on the Web site aa.org” and “Please Share with Your Group.”
  • The committee suggested adding the following phrase to the Self-Support Green Card (F-42):  “Gratitude expressed through contributions reaches the still-suffering alcoholic.”

 Conference Committee on Grapevine

  • The committee reviewed the 2013 Grapevine Office Report on Audio Strategy and made the following requests:
    • That Grapevine communications regarding the Grapevine Audio Project specify that GV is not recording meeting speakers at A.A. events.
  • The committee requested that the GV board submit a proposal to the 2014 Conference Committee on the Grapevine that would significantly reduce the La Viña deficit. Note: Currently La Viña is subsidized.
  • The committee agreed to forward to the A.A. Grapevine Corporate Board the suggestion that Grapevine produce in the year 2014 or later:
  1. Making Amends (working title) – Members share their experience about making Ninth Step amends from stories previously published in Grapevine magazine and/or AAGrapevine.org.
  2. How I Found My Higher Power (working title) – A collection of stories by AA members sharing their experience with their personal journeys with Step Two previously published in Grapevine magazine and/or AAGrapevine.org.

Conference Committee on Cooperation with the Professional Community

  • The committee discussed how local C.P.C. committees are utilizing new technologies to provide information about Alcoholics Anonymous to professionals, and suggested adding information to the C.P.C. Kit and Workbook on:
  • Using PowerPoint and Webinars.
  • Providing electronic subscriptions to A.A. newsletters.
  • The committee discussed ways of stimulating interest in C.P.C. service work and suggested:
  1. Using mock C.P.C. presentations at service workshops.
  2. Encouraging groups to elect C.P.C. chairs.
  3. Bringing A.A. members along on C.P.C. presentations.

Conference Committee on Corrections

  • The committee discussed how to engage A.A. members in corrections service and shared about the opportunities to highlight the current available corrections literature through local area and district Web sites.
  • In discussing difficulties in engaging A.A. members in corrections service, the committee recognized that some A.A. members who have not been incarcerated may feel they have nothing to offer in corrections service. The committee requested the staff secretary work with the Publishing Department and the trustees’ Committee on Corrections to incorporate text in the Corrections Workbook section “Ideas to Stimulate Corrections Twelfth Step Work Within A.A.” to reassure all A.A. members that they can participate in corrections service by sharing A.A.’s basic message about getting and staying sober.

Other noteworthy discussions/considerations:

  • Conference voted not to consider that the General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous develop, implement, and maintain a nationwide online, searchable meeting list and locator.
  • Conference did not approve that the dust jacket include  the following language:

At the time of the third edition, in March 1976, the worldwide membership of A.A. was estimated at 1,000,000 or more. Copies of Alcoholics Anonymous in circulation exceeded 1,450,000. The basic text (pages 1 through 164) remains largely unchanged. This is the A.A. message, just as it was introduced in the 1939 edition of Alcoholics Anonymous, the book that gave the young fellowship its name.

  • Conference did not approve amending the Primary Purpose (Blue) Card.

For details on these and all non-Advisory Actions see:

2013 Conference Additional Committee Considerations

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2 thoughts on “Other 2013 Conference Results

  1. Great idea to post these and other things. Helps keep me informed. My home group is small, but enthusiastic.

    • thanks…that is what this site is for. BTW, you don’t have to be a GSR to learn what is going on. All are invited to District 11 monthly meetings held the 4th Sunday at 3:30 at the Alano Club.

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