Services provided



During the workshop, Tom A., speaking on “Where Your $$ Goes,” mentioned a 9 page document. It is available on this site, but here are some highlights.

Cooperation With the Professional Community (CPC)

 Supervises and provides the following:

CPC Literature Discount Package Order Form and CPC-related service material

Coordinates the following:

AA exhibit at national conferences for professionals and refers local conference invitations to local committees

Publishes About AA bulletin for professionals

Every three years, hosts the Annual Day of Sharing with AI-Anon Family Group Headquarters and National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD)


 Supervises and provides the following:

Distributes the video “Carrying the Message Behind These Walls”

Coordinates the following:

Every other year, sends informational letter to wardens and correctional professionals in U.S./Canada

Responds to letters from inmates

Provides limited complimentary A.A literature to inmates, upon request

Provides AA information in response to inquiries from corrections professionals, and refers to local committees, whenever appropriate

Public Information (PI)

Coordinates the following:

Annual Anonymity Letter to Media

Triennial AA Membership Survey

Press Releases and Public Service Announcements for TV and Radio

Refers invitations for A.A informational presentations at schools/educational institutions to local committees

Refers invitations to local health/community fairs to local PI committees and provides limited quantities of AA literature for this purpose and upon request

Provides accurate and consistent information about AA in response to inquiries from media/researchers/students and refers to local committees whenever appropriate


Coordinates the following:

Recovery Conference-approved AA Literature

Bimonthly Box 4-5-9 publication for the Fellowship

AA literature display package for conventions/conference/roundups


Receives and acknowledges all contributions from AA groups and membersProvides self-support packets upon request and supervises service material such as group contribution envelopes and birthday envelopes

Responds to all inquiries pertaining to group contribution records, account balances, and AA finances where appropriate

Sets up and supervises annual budgets and in general maintain accurate financial records


Edits, designs and publishes all AA Conference-approved literature, video, audio and special needs items in three languages: English, Spanish and French

Creates catalogs and order forms

Maintains Inventory control.

Processes all literature orders

Maintains small in-house shipping department

Manages outsourced warehousing and shipping companies

Oversees translations/licensing of AA World Services copyrighted material

Research and development for new publications and new formats

Publishes the following:

Box 4-5-9

G.S.O. Quarterly Report

AA Directories and Lists of Domestic and International offices

AA Markings

About AA

Sharing Behind the Walls

Loners and International Members (LIM) newsletter


Gives office tours, upon request, to visitors

Provides visitor welcome packets

Provides informational packets containing some AA literature in response to general inquiries for general information about AA.

Sets up annual visit/tour for GSC delegate visitors and guests during Conference week

Sets up large group visits and provides welcome/presentation meeting with refreshments (Coffee, etc.)

Provides local AA office information to anyone looking for AA meetings; provides group contact information to AA members where no local office exists for Twelfth-step purposes and when appropriate

Arranges Board meetings, housing and meal forms, mailings for the quarterly meetings, minutes, dashboard, etc.

Handles reprint requests for AA copyrighted material


Past Delegate continues to serve


One of the speakers at the District 11 Workshop on July 21 at the Alano Club in Redding from 12:30 to 4 is Woody. Woody (sobriety date of 2/2/90) attended his first Assembly in January 1993 in Ripon.  Part of a set-up and clean-up crew organized by his sponsor who was serving as a GSR in District 32, his impression of the Assembly was that it was like “drinking sand.”  He couldn’t understand why anyone would want to spend any time with this stuff.

He was elected as his home group’s GSR a couple of months later and attended the 1993 Pre-Conference Assembly in Clovis. He began his habit of attending Area Committee Meetings with his sponsor in June 1993. He was elected and served two years as Alternate District Committee Member for District 31 for Panel 44 (1994-95); served two years as DCM for District 31 for Panel 46.

He stood for each Area Office in November 1997 and came up empty.   He asked the incoming Panel 48 Chair if he could serve as Area Literature Chair and was appointed that position. Standing for Delegate in November 1999, he was chosen from the hat (more on that “hat” in an upcoming post…see A.A. Service Manual and the Third Legacy Procedure if you can’t wait) as Panel 50 Delegate for CNIA, and was assigned to the Conference Literature Committee.

After rotating out as Delegate he served as a member of the Area’s Finance Committee for Panel 52 and two years as PI/CPC Chair for his local Intergroup.

He began doing H&I work at the State Prison in Tracy in 2002; in 2003 became the Facility Coordinator. He began serving as the H&I Liaison to CNIA around 2005, also serving as a liaison with the GSO TF and CF Committee staff members. He got involved with BTG around 2006 and has attended, as a member at large, their annual Conference each year since and is included in their national BTG contact data base.

He continues to be active in his home group and CNIA Area activities.

Join us Sunday for Fellowship and Service with pizza, soda and water.

Delegate’s Favorite Tradition


AA Bios for some of our Workshop Speakers on July 21

Lela offered this A.A. bio

Lela’s sobriety date is January 1, 1990. She has a home group (Rocklin Racetrack — not in Rocklin or near a racetrack).  She has a sponsor. She works the steps every day. She always holds a service position. Currently she serves as CNIA 07 Delegate for Panel 62, and she’s coming to town at the Alano Club in Redding on July 21 for a District 11 Workshop from 12:30 to 4 to tell about her experience at the 63rd General Service Conference.

When she was a GSR in the mid 90s in Santa Clara County, she learned about commitment to her home group. As DCM, she practiced courage. As DCMC (DCM Chair), she learned more about Tradition Seven — specifically, she learned how to budget at the service and individual level. As Recording Secretary for CNIA 07, she learned to listen like she had no opinion. As Alternate Chair, she learned about our “right of participation.” As Area Chair, she grew to love Tradition Nine’s “Universal respect is the key to our usefulness.”

Lela works in corporate America. She tries to share about topics that impact the future of A.A. with a business perspective balanced with our principles of love, care, inclusiveness and respect.

Come hear about Lela’s current favorite tradition, and how she relied on it at the Conference this year. As Lela shares about her Conference experience, she really tries to bring a personalized and humanized view.

Vikki will speak on General Service

Vikki has a sobriety date of May 4, 2002.  She has been in General Service since she was a year sober.  She got elected alternate GSR for the Forbes group in Yuba City (District 19).  Two weeks later, the GSR resigned, and she was suddenly thrown into the bramble patch as GSR.

She has been going to CNIA Assemblies, Pacific Region Alcoholics Anonymous Service Assemblies (PRAASA), and Regional Forums every chance she gets since then!

She was the District 19 Secretary for one panel.  Then she was elected DCM.  While she was serving as DCM, she was appointed to the Area Finance Committee, becoming Finance Chair.  Following that, she was elected Area 07 Secretary and now is Area Chair for Panel 62.

She, and Past Delegate Woody from Panel 50, will talk on General Service at District 11’s July 21 Workshop where free pizza, soda and water will be served.

Tom is another speaker at the Workshop

Tom, currently CNIA 07 Treasurer for Panel 62, will be speaking on “Where the $$ Goes” in the Area and GSO at District 11’s July 21 Workshop. He was Area Finance Committee Chair before being elected Treasurer mid-panel. He served District 22 (Western Slope of El Dorado County AKA Placerville and the surrounding Historic Gold Country) as Alt DCM for Panel 60, chaired the Post-Conference Assembly Committee and was GSR for the High Flyers Group.

He was Alt GSR for that Group the previous panel, and served as meeting secretary for High Flyers and Sunrise Attitude Adjustment. Other local service from 2008 to 2012 includes H&I Jail Meetings and Tele-service.

The General Service Conference Takes Its Inventory


As suggested by the 2013 General Service Conference theme, taking inventory, in the best sense of the word, is a fundamental aspect of A.A.’s program of recovery. As co-founder Bill W. reflected in A.A. Comes of Age (page 231), “Just as each A.A. must continue to take his moral inventory and act upon it, so must our whole society if we are to survive and if we are to serve usefully and well.”

This was the opening paragraph in the summer issue of Box 459 for the article “The General Service Conference Takes Its Inventory — Our Solution in Action.” To download this or past archived issues,  or subscribe, click here.

Of note in this article is:

“Over the course of the Inventory, a number of common and interconnected themes surfaced that cut across a number of different questions:

COMMUNICATION and the flow of information throughout the Fellowship, from the trustees to the delegates, from delegates to the areas, from areas to districts and groups;

USE OF TECHNOLOGY in today’s changing digital world, for the dissemination of information and communication relative to the General Service Conference;

CONFERENCE ORIENTATION AND PREPARATION to help provide delegates and the Fellowship a clearer picture of what happens at the Conference and how decisions are arrived at;

PARTICIPATION AND TIMING for the development and distribution of agenda items and background information to best facilitate thorough discussion and review by the Fellowship;

INFORMATION on which much of the Conference is based: its volume, dissemination, purpose and derivation.

“Following preparation of a full report on the 2013 segment of the inventory, the process will continue in 2014 and 2015, with a final report to be prepared at the Inventory’s conclusion.”

Attributed to Box 459, Summer Edition, © AAWS, Inc.