Delegate’s Favorite Tradition


AA Bios for some of our Workshop Speakers on July 21

Lela offered this A.A. bio

Lela’s sobriety date is January 1, 1990. She has a home group (Rocklin Racetrack — not in Rocklin or near a racetrack).  She has a sponsor. She works the steps every day. She always holds a service position. Currently she serves as CNIA 07 Delegate for Panel 62, and she’s coming to town at the Alano Club in Redding on July 21 for a District 11 Workshop from 12:30 to 4 to tell about her experience at the 63rd General Service Conference.

When she was a GSR in the mid 90s in Santa Clara County, she learned about commitment to her home group. As DCM, she practiced courage. As DCMC (DCM Chair), she learned more about Tradition Seven — specifically, she learned how to budget at the service and individual level. As Recording Secretary for CNIA 07, she learned to listen like she had no opinion. As Alternate Chair, she learned about our “right of participation.” As Area Chair, she grew to love Tradition Nine’s “Universal respect is the key to our usefulness.”

Lela works in corporate America. She tries to share about topics that impact the future of A.A. with a business perspective balanced with our principles of love, care, inclusiveness and respect.

Come hear about Lela’s current favorite tradition, and how she relied on it at the Conference this year. As Lela shares about her Conference experience, she really tries to bring a personalized and humanized view.

Vikki will speak on General Service

Vikki has a sobriety date of May 4, 2002.  She has been in General Service since she was a year sober.  She got elected alternate GSR for the Forbes group in Yuba City (District 19).  Two weeks later, the GSR resigned, and she was suddenly thrown into the bramble patch as GSR.

She has been going to CNIA Assemblies, Pacific Region Alcoholics Anonymous Service Assemblies (PRAASA), and Regional Forums every chance she gets since then!

She was the District 19 Secretary for one panel.  Then she was elected DCM.  While she was serving as DCM, she was appointed to the Area Finance Committee, becoming Finance Chair.  Following that, she was elected Area 07 Secretary and now is Area Chair for Panel 62.

She, and Past Delegate Woody from Panel 50, will talk on General Service at District 11’s July 21 Workshop where free pizza, soda and water will be served.

Tom is another speaker at the Workshop

Tom, currently CNIA 07 Treasurer for Panel 62, will be speaking on “Where the $$ Goes” in the Area and GSO at District 11’s July 21 Workshop. He was Area Finance Committee Chair before being elected Treasurer mid-panel. He served District 22 (Western Slope of El Dorado County AKA Placerville and the surrounding Historic Gold Country) as Alt DCM for Panel 60, chaired the Post-Conference Assembly Committee and was GSR for the High Flyers Group.

He was Alt GSR for that Group the previous panel, and served as meeting secretary for High Flyers and Sunrise Attitude Adjustment. Other local service from 2008 to 2012 includes H&I Jail Meetings and Tele-service.


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