Past Delegate continues to serve


One of the speakers at the District 11 Workshop on July 21 at the Alano Club in Redding from 12:30 to 4 is Woody. Woody (sobriety date of 2/2/90) attended his first Assembly in January 1993 in Ripon.  Part of a set-up and clean-up crew organized by his sponsor who was serving as a GSR in District 32, his impression of the Assembly was that it was like “drinking sand.”  He couldn’t understand why anyone would want to spend any time with this stuff.

He was elected as his home group’s GSR a couple of months later and attended the 1993 Pre-Conference Assembly in Clovis. He began his habit of attending Area Committee Meetings with his sponsor in June 1993. He was elected and served two years as Alternate District Committee Member for District 31 for Panel 44 (1994-95); served two years as DCM for District 31 for Panel 46.

He stood for each Area Office in November 1997 and came up empty.   He asked the incoming Panel 48 Chair if he could serve as Area Literature Chair and was appointed that position. Standing for Delegate in November 1999, he was chosen from the hat (more on that “hat” in an upcoming post…see A.A. Service Manual and the Third Legacy Procedure if you can’t wait) as Panel 50 Delegate for CNIA, and was assigned to the Conference Literature Committee.

After rotating out as Delegate he served as a member of the Area’s Finance Committee for Panel 52 and two years as PI/CPC Chair for his local Intergroup.

He began doing H&I work at the State Prison in Tracy in 2002; in 2003 became the Facility Coordinator. He began serving as the H&I Liaison to CNIA around 2005, also serving as a liaison with the GSO TF and CF Committee staff members. He got involved with BTG around 2006 and has attended, as a member at large, their annual Conference each year since and is included in their national BTG contact data base.

He continues to be active in his home group and CNIA Area activities.

Join us Sunday for Fellowship and Service with pizza, soda and water.


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