A Thank You from the Pacific Region Trustee


From an email to CNIA 07 Delegates

Dear Delegates of the Pacific Region,

I am most grateful to all of you for the gracious hospitality I received from you and your areas. Each visit was very special; it is hard to find words to express my gratitude. There are so many blessings from visiting all the areas in the Pacific Region. My last visits involved attending election assemblies which is one of the most amazing events to participate in as a Regional Trustee. Every area has a different way of running their elections and each election taught me about the value of the group conscience. Although there were differences, one of the constants was the love, respect and devotion that all of the participants showed for each other, their Area and Alcoholics Anonymous. All of our 3 legacies are evident in this process. The first legacy of recovery is evident simply because service positions require a length of sobriety. The second legacy of unity is evident because everyone agrees on the process, such as and especially the hat. I have heard some class A trustees express astonishment when told about the hat, “how can you leave such an important decision to chance?” they ask. Of course the answer is trust and unity. AND the third legacy of service is evident because we are voting on filling general service positions to carry the message to the still suffering alcoholic.

Area elections are very exciting for everyone involved as we go from ballot to ballot, exciting for the candidates, the voters and the counters. The excitement is the opportunity to participate by carrying the message to the still suffering alcoholic in a newly elected service position. There are many important lessons for all of us in the 3rd legacy procedure. The lessons are invaluable to the growth of the group, district, area and not least but perhaps most important, the individual AA member. Going through my years of AA service, the lessons of grace, acceptance, serenity, courtesy, and tolerance came as result of seeing how my fellow AAs handled the results of an election. Whenever I lost anything, my usual reaction was to hit something, slash car tires or throw rocks, not very mature. I had no idea of how to be gracious in losing anything. I saw many times, over and over, AAs congratulate with compassion and grace those who were elected instead of them or do the same when another person’s name came out of the hat. They were able to make the transition I wasn’t able to, they showed me how to do it and by their example, I saw my capacity. I have heard some AAs say that some of our decisions are too important to let the hat decide for us.  I hope and pray our 3rd legacy procedure never leaves Alcoholics Anonymous.

As my 4 year rocket ride into a 4th dimension of existence I had not even dreamed of slowly ends, I am so indebted to Alcoholics Anonymous, to your Areas, to each of you and to a Higher Power beyond my comprehension. Like all of you I am sure, I looked back at what it was like, what happened and what it is like now and became truly awestruck, truly grateful and truly blessed.


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