Preliminary Items for 2014


January 2014

2014 General Service Conference Committees

Preliminary Agenda Items

Below are the preliminary agenda items for the 64th Conference committees. During the February meetings of the trustees’ committees, additional items received by the January 15th deadline may be assigned to appropriate Conference committees. Please keep in mind that this is a preliminary list and agenda items may be added or subject to change by the trustees’ committees at the February board weekend.

I.       Agenda

  • Review suggestions for the theme of the 2015 General Service Conference.
  • Discuss presentation/discussion topic ideas for the 2015 General Service Conference.
  • Review the General Service Conference Evaluation Form.

II.      Cooperation With the Professional Community

  • Review suggested changes to pamphlet, “If You Are a Professional…”
  • Review suggested changes to pamphlet “A.A. as a Resource for the Health Care Professional.”
  • Discuss ways of stimulating interest in C.P.C. service work.
  • Review contents of C.P.C. Kit and Workbook.

III.     Corrections

  • Consider request for revisions to the section “What A.A. does NOT do” in the pamphlet “A Message to Corrections Professionals” to be consistent with similar text in C.P.C. literature.
  • Review contents of Corrections Kit and Workbook.

IV.    Finance

V.      Grapevine

  • Review Audio Strategy status update.
  • Review GV Board proposal to the 2014 Conference Committee on the Grapevine to significantly reduce the La Vina deficit.
  • Report from AA Grapevine Board on feasibility of producing one book in American Sign Language (ASL).
  • Consider the list of suggested Grapevine book topics for 2015 or later.
  • Review Grapevine Workbook.

VI.     Literature

  • Consider a request to remove a sentence of text from page 5 of Living Sober.
  • Consider a request to add text in the section on Concept XII of the pamphlet “Twelve Concepts for World Service Illustrated.”
  • Review draft pamphlet or progress report on literature that focuses on spirituality.
  • Review the revised draft pamphlet or progress report on “Circles of Love and Service.”

VII.   Policy/Admissions

  • Review dates for the 2017 General Service Conference.
  • Consider a request that an anonymous electronic voting system be utilized on all non-election votes for a trial period.

VIII.   Public Information

  • Review 2013 annual report from the trustees’ P.I. Committee regarding G.S.O.’s A.A. Web site.
  • Consider that the 2014 A.A. Membership Survey be conducted by area on a random basis as was done in the 2011 A.A. Membership Survey.
  • Public Service Announcements (P.S.A.s):
    1. Review report from trustees’ P.I. Committee on A.A. Video P.S.A.s.
    2. Review current video P.S.A.s for relevance and usefulness.
    3. Consider production of new video P.S.A.s.
    4. Review final report on the centralized distribution, tracking and evaluation of the video P.S.A. for the Spanish-speaking community, “Tengo Esperanza”
  •  Review contents of P.I. Kit and Workbook

IX.     Report and Charter

  • The A.A. Service Manual, 2014-2015 Edition: 1.     Review list of editorial updates.
  • Discuss A.A. Directories (Canada, Western U.S., and Eastern U.S.).
  • Discuss General Service Conference Final Report.

X.      Treatment/Special Needs-Accessibilities

  • Review contents of Treatment Committee Kit and Workbook.
  • Review contents of Special Needs/Accessibilities Kit and Workbook.

XI.      Trustees

  • Review resumes of candidates for:
    1. Pacific Regional trustee
    2. Eastern Canada Regional trustee
  • Review slates of trustees and officers of the General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous, Inc.
  • Review slate of directors of A.A. World Services, Inc.
  • Review slate of directors of A.A. Grapevine, Inc.

XII.   Archives

  • Review revised draft video Markings on the Journey.
  • Review Archives Workbook.

XIII.     International Conventions/Regional Forums

  •  Discuss ways to encourage interest in Regional Forums and attract first-time attendees.

To download Preliminary Items as PDF, click here.


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