2014 Abridged Agenda Items


It was suggested that these be posted.

2014 GSC Committees Abridged Agenda Items

II.      Cooperation With the Professional Community

A.     Consider changes to the section, “Referrals from Court and Treatment Facilities” in
the pamphlet, “If You Are a Professional…” Note: On Proof of Attendance have any A.A. member sign. On Referrals, add internet and change to most telephone directories.

III.     Corrections

A.     Consider request for revisions to the section “What A.A. does NOT do” in the pamphlet
“A Message to Corrections Professionals” to be consistent with similar text in C.P.C.
literature. Note: Just what it says, “…be consistent with similar (existing approved) text…”

B.     Consider the development of a new video to replace “It Sure Beats Sitting in a Cell”
(DV-08). Note: Estimated cost is $70,000. The committee noted that the video was produced over 25 years ago and is outdated.

V.     Grapevine

D.    Consider the list of suggested Grapevine book topics for 2015 and later. Note: Four proposed, taking stories previously published in Grapevine or AAGrapevine.org;
The 12 Traditions
Our Experience (working title—Members share their experience with each of our 12 A.A. Traditions),
Cartoon Book II (working title—
A collection of cartoons by A.A. members),
Special Needs (working title—Stories by members who are wheelchair-bound, blind, deaf, ill or with other special needs. How A.A. reaches out to everyone.),
People of Color (working title—A.A. members of color share their own stories of getting sober).


E.               Reconsider publishing the “Alcoholism at Large” section of the Grapevine. Note: An on-again/off-again/on-again section going by many names that reflects medical news and more about alcoholism (articles have/may not follow A.A. suggested recovery and some feel it is an outside issue). Some blame the drop in subscriptions to this. On the other side is this point of view by Bill W. in 1946 and incorporated in Grapevine’s Statement of Purpose in 1992, “Within the bounds of friendliness and good taste, the Grapevine will enjoy perfect freedom of speech on all matters directly pertaining to Alcoholics Anonymous.”

VI.    Literature

C.     Discuss suggested change to the pamphlet “The Twelve Concepts for World Service
Illustrated.” Note: This does not change the Concepts, but allows the illustrated version to reflect what the General Service Manual states.

D.     Discuss suggested changes to the pamphlet “Questions & Answers on Sponsorship.” Note: Four revisions to sections of the Pamphlet, “What does a Sponsor do or not do” and “When newcomers resist “the spiritual” side of the program, what can sponsors do?” For changes, see VI Literature D, Doc. 2 (pg 1 & 2).

E.     Discuss suggested changes to Living Sober. Note: Remove text that had added to confusion regarding A.A.’s Singleness of Purpose.

F.     Consider the use of the circle and triangle as an unofficial A.A. service mark on
Conference-approved literature. Note: Includes the words Recovery/Unity/Service; it was Trademarked in 1956.

G.     Consider a request to create a pamphlet for alcoholics with mental illness. Note: While mental illness is partially addressed in other pamphlets, a pamphlet specifically for mental illness would reach those not being treated with drugs or consider their needs special.

H.   Consider a request to add “Non-alcoholics are welcome to attend open meetings as observers” to the end of the Primary Purpose (Blue) card. Note: Self explanatory.

VIII. Public Information

B.      Consider report from the trustees’ P.I. Committee regarding G.S.O.’s A.A. Web
site. Note: Continues to give the A.A.W.S. Board responsibility for Management, Maintenance, Reports.

C.      Consider that the 2014 A.A. Membership Survey be conducted by area on a
random basis as was done in the 2011 A.A. Membership Survey. Note: A triennial survey that goes to randomly selected groups. In 2011 a District 11 group in Trinity County was selected; anonymous and results are available to Professionals and the Public as a brochure.

E.      Consider revisions to the Anonymity Card (F-20). Note: A past proposal that is being resurrected/revised that incorporates further wording about inadvertently breaking the anonymity of others, and the impact of anonymity breaks on A.A. as a whole.

For downloadable PDF version, click here.


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