Preliminary Agenda Items for 2015 Conference


2015 General Service Conference Committees

Preliminary Agenda items

Below are some of the preliminary agenda items for the 65th Conference committees that could be of interest to individuals and groups. Note: Please keep in mind that this is a preliminary list and agenda items may be added or subject to change by the trustees’ committees at the February board weekend; contact your GSR or other Trusted Servant for more information. 

II.   Cooperation With the Professional Community

  • Review contents of C.P.C. Kit and Workbook.

V.   Grapevine

  • Review Audio Strategy status update.
  • Review new business plan for La Vina.
  • Review revised draft text of the pamphlet “A. A, Grapevine and La Vina: Our Meeting
    in Print.”
  • Consider list of suggested Grapevine book topics for 2016 or later.
  • Review Grapevine Workbook.

VI.  Literature

  • Consider a request to develop literature directed to transgender and gender-nonconforming alcoholics.
  • Consider a request to produce a book combining Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts for World Service,
  • Review revised draft text of the pamphlet “Inside A.A.: Understanding the Fellowship and Its Service Agencies” with the revised title “Inside A.A.: Understanding the Fellowship and Its Services.”
  • Review the revised draft text of the pamphlet “Your A.A. General Service Office.”

VIII.  Public Information

  • Review 2014 annual report from the trustees’ P.I, Committee regarding G.S.O.’s A.A. website.
  • Public Service Announcements (P.S.A.s):
  1. Review report from trustees’ P.I. Committee on A.A. Video P.S.A.s.
  2. Review current video P.S.A.s for relevance and usefulness.
  3. Consider production of new video P.S.A.s.
  • Review contents of P.I. Kit and Workbook.



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