PI/CPC Training


The Public Information/Cooperation with the Professional Community Committee frequently receives requests for presentations on AA to our friends in the medical, legal, religious, and educational communities who find themselves in contact with alcoholics.

This form of AA service requires a bit more than just telling our stories (although we do that, too!). If you like public speaking and are passionate about educating interested others on what AA is (and is not), what it does (and does not do), then please attend this hands-on workshop.

Highlights include:

  • The origin & purpose of CPC
  •  The importance of the Traditions and Anonymity
  • The role of the local PI/CPC Committee
  • Basic guidelines for C.P.C. presentations
    1:1 and panel presentations
    Handling potentially awkward situations
  • Role play practice
  • Question & Answer

Saturday, May 30, 1-3 PM at Alano Club, 1050 State Street, Redding.


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