In Service to AA as a Whole


On January 16 and 17, 2016, District 11 is hosting the California Northern Interior Area 07 Winter Assembly, part of the General Service structure. This assembly serves an area stretching from the Oregon border to below Fresno and more than two hundred service-minded attendees are expected.

If you want to be of Service beyond the group level, this is an opportunity to serve Alcoholics Anonymous as a whole. There are several committee chairs that need to be filled with associated volunteers. At the District meeting on June 28 there will be a kick-off session. Alano Club main meeting room at 3:30; doors open before 3 for questions and answers.

Below are descriptions of suggested committees.


HOST  CHAIRoversees all operations, is the contact for the venue, directs and assists committee chairs, updates and informs CNIA 07 Alternate chair, makes housekeeping announcements at event.

LODGING CHAIRcreates flyer with info and dates, AA Guidelines indicate no personal phone numbers or addresses. Arranges nearby hotels within close mileage of venue. Works with local hotels to get a package or large party “deal”.  Recruits volunteers and rooms for back-to-basic housing.  Be willing to make contact and arrangements for those wishing to participate in back-to-basic-housing.

REGISTRATION CHAIRoversees all incoming registration online, in person, us mail; maintains spreadsheet of registrants.  Creates badges, forms a team of 5-7 people for day of assembly. Ensures that registration forms are available for onsite registration and takes registrations at each assembly prior to and during the event.

TREASURER-handles all financial transactions including purchases, down payments and deposits.  The Treasurer assists and works directly with Registration Chair. The Treasurer sets up possibly a separate bank account for assembly also PO Box and or uses district PO Box for incoming registrations.

BANQUET CHAIRworks directly with caterer or in-house team- oversees menu, works with treasurer for down payments, does meal counts, set-up, clean-up, and serving.

SUGGESTED MENU:  1-2 meat dishes, and 1 vegetarian dish, Starch and vegetable side, roll with butter


COFFEE:  Fully in charge of all coffee services. This includes the service for regular, decaf, tea, hot chocolate, and accompanying supplies. Maintains coffee bins and receptacles. Takes inventory of coffee and supplies and makes list to purchase enough to serve 400 cups of coffee. Keeps coffee purchases separate from snack bar income.

SNACK BAR: Purchases all water, soda, and snacks for snack bar. May accept home baked goods, hot dogs, fruit cups, etc. This is separate and of no concern of CNIA 07, all proceeds to go back to district.


SET UPand SIGN PLACEMENT   Team of 5-7 volunteers for Friday night or Saturday morning venue set up with Alternate chair. Team to go off site to post signs 1/2 mile leading to venue.

SATURDAY NIGHT CLEAN UP– 1-2 persons to empty garbage and clear tables after dinner and service at ice cream social.

SUNDAY CLEAN-UP- and INVENTORY EXCHANGE – tear off paper on tables, remove banners and signs from walls, gather crayons and candy from tables, pack bins neatly and ensure all CNIA 07 items are packed. Retrieves off sites signs, returns to venue to make exchange with next incoming host committee, completes inventory checklist, provides copy to incoming host committee chair and Area Alt chair.


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