2014 Membership Survey available…


In 2014 more than 6,000 A.A. members from the U.S. and Canada participated in a random survey of the membership. Such studies have been conducted every three to four years since 1968 by the General Service Office.

Alcoholics Anonymous conducts this survey to keep members informed on current trends in membership characteristics. The survey also provides information about A.A. to the professional community and to the general public as part of A.A.’s purpose to carry our message to those who still suffer from alcoholism.

Download from AA here.

Or download from District 11

Some highlights are:

Composition of Members; Men at 62%, Women at 38%
Average Age is 50
86% have Home Groups
Members attend an average of 2.5 meetings a week
Length of Sobriety, How you got sober, How you were introduced to AA,  Occupations: Figures are included.


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