District Meeting probable change…


We feel a clarification is needed.

The next District 11 meeting will be this Sunday, Jan. 24.

On the agenda is:

Proposal: District 11 GSR meetings revert to Second Sunday of the Month

History: Up until 3 years ago, district meetings were held the second Sunday. They were changed to fourth Sunday to follow CNIA ACMs. At that time there was no conflict with CNIA schedule since the only times the fourth Sunday followed the third Saturday were on ACM weekends.

However, last November the fourth Sunday conflicted with an Assembly. It will conflict again this year in May, the Post-Conference Assembly, and again in 2017 with the Winter Assembly. These conflicts necessitated, or will necessitate, a change to the last Sunday. Another conflict is with Christmas. This year it fell on the Holiday weekend, and in 2016 Christmas falls on the fourth Sunday.

By reverting to second Sunday, we don’t have to reschedule. It also allows more participation by REDYPAA that has their business meeting on the 4th Sunday at 4 pm.

It was discussed last meeting with what appeared to be overwhelming support; however, it needs a motion to be approved (which was put off until the January meeting). It is a housekeeping issue, so only needs a simple majority. If approved, February’s meeting will be the second Sunday, Feb. 14. The Club has already had a head’s up.

Also, since we pay for the 30 minutes before convening at 3:30, that time can be used (as it was some years ago) for questions, answers, about GSR responsibilities. Again, a straw poll reveals a desire by newbies for this time.


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