Background Page Numbers


For those that want to research Backgrounds on their own. Note: Separated Background Items are available for emailing. Except for the Agenda Item D, all Background topics are available in email-size.

  I      Agenda Starts on page 17. Item D Discuss report starts on page 50.

II      CPC Starts on page 404. Item A starts on page 408; B is 409; C is 410.

III      Corrections (our Delegates Committee) starts on page 423. Item B starts on page 429.

IV     Finance starts on page 442. Item D starts on page 451.

V      Grapevine starts on page 456. Item B starts on page 479.

VI      Literature starts on page 506. Item A starts on 511; H is 550; I is 598.

VII    Policy/Admissions starts on page 616. Item C is 654.

VIII    Public Information starts on page 659. Item E is 705.

IX     Report and Charter starts on page 717. Item A follows a few pages later. Item B starts on 746; Item C is 747; Item D is 752.

X       Treatment starts on page 753. Item A is on page 757.

XI      Trustees starts on page 796. Item F is 796.

XII     Archives starts on page 802. Item A is 805.

XIII    International/Regional starts on 810. A & B follow.



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