FAQs About A.A. Literature…


A.A. members read a lot, drawing hope, help and inspiration from the wide range of A.A. material published by A.A.W.S. and the Grapevine. However, a question that has popped up frequently from some of the Fellowship’s more eagle-eyed readers concerns the book As Bill Sees It, and the many quotes contained within it:

  1. Why are some of the quotes in As Bill Sees It different from their original sources, and why were Bill’s words changed?
  2. As he did with so many things in A.A., Bill anticipated the concerns this might raise, adding the following information in the book’s Foreword: “This volume includes several hundred excerpts from our literature, touching nearly every aspect of A.A.’s way of life.” He then notes the sources of most of the material from which the book’s content was chosen, principally the Big Book, Twelve and Twelve, and Grapevine, and explains “Because the quotations used were lifted out of their original context, it has been necessary in the interest of clarity to edit, and sometimes to rewrite, a number of them.”

So, for all the A.A. readers out there who have been wondering who had the gall to change Bill’s writing, it was Bill himself !

Excerpt from Box 459, Spring 2016


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