CNIA Treasurer needed…


The Current CNIA Treasurer has stepped down. There will be a quick election during the Post-Conference Assembly May 21 & 22 in Mt. Shasta. District 11 can nominate one (1) individual who is not otherwise eligible.

Area Treasurer responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • To remind and encourage the A.A. Groups of their financial responsibility to support District, Area, and GSO, and the spiritual significance of self-support.
  • To receive, record, deposit, and report all income received by the Area, acknowledging each in writing.
  • Check the PO Box or arrange to receive mail regularly.
  • Contributions received should be deposited and recorded in a timely manner.
  • To maintain a list of contributions to be submitted quarterly to the DCMs.
  • To make timely disbursements for such purposes as determined by the approved Area
  • Budget and to maintain records thereof.
  • To maintain bank accounts with other Area Officers as signatories.
  • To submit monthly operating statements to include a summary of the Area’s receipts for publication in the Accents/Acentos, so that they are available for review at Area Assemblies and ACMs.
  • To prepare and present the proposed Annual Area Budget with assistance from the Area Officers and the Area Finance Committee following the Budget Preparation Schedule.
  • To assure that proper tax reporting is performed as required with the assistance of a CPA. This includes updating the 501C3 form on an annual basis.
  • Other responsibilities are available at:

Resume forms are available at:
If interested, please let the DCM know so you can be nominated (Again, the DCM can only nominate one).

Reminder: There is a Finance Committee that has its own Chair. This committee has a task of assisting the Treasurer in developing the annual budget.


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