How Do You Do Service?


From latest Grapevine

“Most AA members are well aware of Twelfth Step calls, chairing meetings, sponsorship and coffee crews. But many may not know about all the service opportunities beyond the home group. In 1951, our cofounder Bill W. wrote that these services “enable us to function as a whole,” they are “the most vital, yet least understood group of services that AA has.” This month, our special section features inspiring stories by members involved in the wonderful world of general service.

“In the story “Why We Do It,” a member sits grumbling in a Concepts workshop, yet soon hears the very words that will change his tune. Fun and service is the motto for a group of women near Kansas City as they hit the road to help out at workshops, assemblies and forums in “What Happens in the Van … .” Ever try to read The A.A. Service Manual all by yourself? One group has a great idea in “It Takes a Village.” And the writer of “The Perfect Scheme” thought that becoming a GSR was a great way to meet a man. She found love alright—for the Fellowship.

“In 2016, Grapevine invites you and your group, group of groups, district and/or area to join in the new Grow Your Grapevine effort throughout the year. For details, see page 7. Get involved! And while you’re at it, please send us your stories of experience, strength and hope at We’re especially looking for you or your group’s experience with a particular Tradition. And don’t forget to send us your jokes and cartoons. Have a wonderful, sober May!

“In fellowship,
The Editor” (of the Grapevine)


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