Conference Actions and Considerations…


2016 Conference Advisory Actions
and Additional Considerations

Conference Advisory Actions represent recommendations made by the standing committees and approved by the Conference body as a whole; or recommendations discussed and voted upon by all Conference members during general sessions. Some Advisory Actions and a few additional committee considerations appear below in condensed form. A complete list will be published in the Final Conference Report.

Advisory Actions

Agendathat the theme for the 2017 General Service Conference be: “Supporting Our Future”; that the presentation/discussion topics be: Growth, Participation, Contributions.

Cooperation With the Professional Communitythat a new section on A.A. and medication be added to the pamphlet “If You Are a Professional”; that text be added to the pamphlet “Is There An Alcoholic in the Workplace?”; that an introductory paragraph for professionals be added to the pamphlet “Problems Other Than Alcohol.”

Correctionsthat the video to replace “It Sure Beats Sitting in a Cell” be titled “A New Freedom.”

Grapevinethat the delegate chair for the Grapevine Conference Committee be allowed the same participation at the January A.A. Grapevine Board meeting as all other delegate chairs at their corresponding trustees’ committees.

Literaturethat the trustees’ Literature Committee develop a plan that includes a systematic schedule for the annual review of recovery literature items; that the pamphlet “Young People and A.A.” be updated; that there be a comprehensive revision of the pamphlet “The Twelve Traditions Illustrated.”

Policy/Admissionsthat two A.A. members from the Ukraine be admitted to the 66th General Service Conference as observers; that the 69th General Service Conference be held April 28-May 4, 2019.

Public Informationthat the English- and French-language versions of the video public service announcement “Tengo Esperanza” be centrally distributed, tracked and evaluated; that the video public service announcement “I Thought” be discontinued.

Report and Charterthat various copy changes and information be made to The A.A. Service Manual/Twelve Concepts for World Service; that a new edition of The A.A. Service Manual be published biannually (i.e., every two years) beginning in 2018.

Treatment/Accessibilitiesthat the term “Special Needs” be removed from the name of the Conference Committee on Treatment/Special Needs-Accessibilities.

Trusteesthat the slate of trustees be elected at the annual meeting of the members of the General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous, Inc. in April 2016.

Additional Considerations

Archivesthe committee discussed ways of encouraging A.A. groups to write or update their group histories.

Financethe committee discussed information from the A.A.W.S. Self-Support Subcommittee and considered the format and use of the flyer “The Seventh Tradition Fact Sheet” (F-203).

International Conventions/Regional Forumsthe committee discussed ways to encourage interest in Regional Forums and how to attract first-time attendees.


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