2016 District Inventory Questions


2016 District Inventory Questions

  1. What is the purpose of the district meeting?
  2. Are we reaching enough people in our district and what can we do to better serve the groups?
  3. Are we being fiscally responsible and good custodians of the monies entrusted to us? How do we inform groups about the financial obligations of our district in order for them to help support the District, Area and the General Service Office as a whole?
  4. How can we engage new GSR’s, help support the district and our DCM, by making our district meetings informative and enthusiastic?
  5. Do new GSR’s stick with General Service, or does the turnover seem to be excessive? What can the District do to help retain trusted servants and what effort needs to be made to explain to all groups the value and the purpose of a GSR?
  6. Do we emphasize the value of service sponsorship effectively? How can we do it better?

These will be discussed at the Expanded District Meeting on January 8 in Room 12 of the Methodist Church at South & East from 2 pm until 5 pm to allow ample time for opinions to be heard.

We want to hear from all GSRs, and interested past Officers, past GSRs, disgruntled peeps. Please attend and be part of District 11’s growth. The Inventory is long overdue.


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