Safety Card to be available


A Safety Card containing the following
will soon be available from GSO

Suggested Statement on Safety*

“Our group endeavors to provide a safe meeting place for all attendees and encourages each person here to contribute to fostering a secure and welcoming environment in which our meetings can take place.

“As our Traditions remind us, the formation and operation of an AA group resides with the group conscience. Therefore, it is our individual and collective responsibility to maintain the welfare of the group, and we request that members and others refrain from any behavior which might compromise another person’s safety. Also, please take the precautions you feel are necessary to ensure your own personal safety, for example, walking to your car in a group after a meeting.

“If a situation should arise where someone feels their safety is in jeopardy, or the situation breaches the law, the individuals involved should take appropriate action. Calling the proper authorities does not go against any AA Traditions and is recommended when someone may have broken the law or endangered the safety of another person.

“The Tradition of Anonymity is not a shield to conceal wrongdoing and AA membership does not grant immunity from applicable laws.”

— Service Material from the General Service Office

*To be read at each meeting if so desired.

Note: Beyond the immediate plans for a Yellow Card, there could be poster and/or wall hanging sizes available.


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