New Service Material explained…


From Box 459 for Fall of 2017

New Service Material Available

“The General Service Office has developed a new service piece that is now available to the
Fellowship upon request.

“Service material differs from Conference approved literature in that it has not come about through C o n f e r e n c e Advisory Action.

“Service material reflects A.A. group experience as well as specific and timely information that is subject to change.

“The new item (F-211) is titled Safety Card for A.A. Groups and offers statements that can be used at the group level regarding the safety of the group and its members. As noted on the card, ‘Alcoholics Anonymous is a microcosm of the larger society we exist in. As such, problems found in the outside world can also make their way into the rooms. For this reason, groups and members discuss the topic of safety — to raise awareness in the
Fellowship and to seek through sponsorship, workshops and meetings, to create as safe an environment as possible to carry A.A.’s message of hope and recovery to the still-suffering alcoholic.’
“Printed on yellow paper, the six-by-four-inch card has been made available as an optional service piece for those groups who wish to use it, and is available in English, French and Spanish. To obtain service material, including this item, please contact the General Service Office.”


Or contact District 11 or Intergroup for Northern California for your copy.


Click here for your current issue of Box 459.


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