68th General Service Conference Preliminary Agenda Items


68th General Service Conference Committees

Preliminary Agenda Items

Below are the preliminary agenda items for the 68th General Service Conference committees as of November 7, 2017. During the January 2018 meetings of the trustees’ committees, additional items received by the December 15th deadline may be assigned to appropriate Conference committees. Please keep in mind that this is a preliminary list and agenda items may be added or subject to change by the trustees’ committees at the January board weekend.

I.   Agenda

  • Review suggestions for the theme of the 2019 General Service Conference.
  • Review presentation/discussion topic ideas for the 2019 General Service Conference
  • Review workshop topic ideas for the 2019 General Service Conference.
  • Review the General Service Conference Evaluation Form and 2017 Evaluation Summary.

II. Archives

  • Review Archives Workbook.

III.    Cooperation with the Professional Community

  • Review contents of C.P.C. Kit and Workbook.

IV. Corrections

  • Consider development of a new pamphlet focused on long-term incarcerated alcoholics soon to be released.
  • Review contents of Corrections Kit and Workbook.

V. Finance

  • Review Self-Support Packet.

VI Grapevine

  • Review Audio Strategy status update.
  • Consider list of suggested Grapevine book topics for 2019 or later.
  • Review Grapevine Workbook.

VII.   International Conventions/Regional Forums

  • Discuss ways to encourage interest in Regional Forums and attract first-time attendees.

VIII.    Literature

  • Consider request to add an appendix to Alcoholics Anonymous reflecting “recognition received from the Library of Congress.”
  • Consider request to add the A.A. Preamble and Responsibility Statement to Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • Review annual matrix of recovery literature.
  • Consider request that A.A. World Services, Inc. publish “The God Word” (a pamphlet currently published by The General Service Board Great Britain).
  • Consider request for the development of a pamphlet for atheist/agnostic members.
  • Consider request for the development of a pamphlet based upon A.A.’s Three Legacies.
  • Review report and suggestions on the inclusion of language regarding safety in recovery literature.

IX.  Policy/Admissions

  • Review draft process of polling the General Service Conference between annual Conference meetings.
  • Review dates for the 2021 General Service Conference.

X. Public Information

  • Review 2017 annual report from the trustees’ Public Information Committee regarding aa.org and aagrapevine.org.
  • Review Young People’s Video submission.
  • Review 2018 Public Information Comprehensive Media Plan.
  • Review contents of P.I. Kit and Workbook.

XI.  Report and Charter

  • The A.A. Service Manual.. 2018-2020 Edition:
  1. Review list of editorial updates.
  2. Consider request for changes to chapters 2, 3, and 5 in The A.A. Service Manual.
  • Consider developing a plan with a revised editorial review proccsc for The A.A. Service Manual.
  • Discuss A.A. Directories.
  • Discuss General Service Conference Final Report.

XII.  Treatment and Accessibilities

  • Review contents of Treatment Committee Kit and Workbook.
  • Review contents of Accessibilities Kit and Workbook.

XIII. Trustees

  • Review resumes of candidates for:
  1. Eastern Canada Regional Trustee
  2. Pacific Regional Trustee
  • Review slates of trustees and officers of the General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous, Inc.
  • Review slate of directors of A.A. World Services, Inc.
  • Review slate of directors of A.A. Grapevine, Inc.
  • Review proposal to censure the General Service Board.
  • Review proposal to reorganize the A.A. World Services and General Service Boards.


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