Final 2018 Agenda Items


68th General Service Conference Committees Agenda Items

I.      Agenda

  • Review suggestions for the theme of the 2019 General Service Conference.
  • Review presentation/discussion topic  ideas  for the  2019  General  Service Conference.
  • Discuss workshop topic ideas for the 2019 General Service Conference.
  • Conference Evaluation:
  1. Review summary of the 2017 General Service Conference evaluations.
  2. Review General Service Conference Evaluation Form.
  • Discuss report on the Conference Agenda Process from the trustees’ Committee on the General Service Conference.

II.    Cooperation with the Professional Community

  • Review the trustees’ committee report regarding Linkedin as a platform for reaching professionals.
  • Consider revisions to the pamphlet “A.A. as a Resource for the Health Care Professional.”
  • Consider revisions  to  the   pamphlet  “Members   of the  Clergy  Ask  About Alcoholics Anonymous.”
  • Consider revisions to the pamphlet “If You Are a Professional…”
  • Review contents of C.P.C. Kit and Workbook.

III.       Corrections

  • Consider request to create a pamphlet for inmates who are to be released after long term incarceration.
  • Review contents of Corrections Kit and Workbook.

IV.   Finance

  • Consider developing a method to standardize increases to the limits on individual contributions and bequests to the General Service Board.
  • Review Self-Support Packet.

V.     Grapevine

  • Review social media report regarding Instagram, Facebook and Google for Nonprofits.
  • Review Audio Strategy status update.
  • Review report on 2004 Conference Advisory Action on Outside Sales.
  • Reconsider the 2014 Conference Advisory Action regarding La Vina.
  • Review revised text of the pamphlet “A.A. Grapevine and La Vina: Our Meetings in Print.”
  • Consider list of suggested Grapevine book topics for 2019 and later.
  • Review Grapevine Workbook.

VI.    Literature

  • Consider proposed revisions to Alcoholics Anonymous.
  1. Request to add an appendix reflecting recognition received from the Library of Congress.
  2. Request to add the A.A. Preamble and Responsibility Statement.
  3. Request to add an endnote to Bill W.’s story acknowledging co-founder, Bob S.
  • Consider request that A.A. (U.S./Canada) publish “The God Word1‘ (a pamphlet currently published by the General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous, Great Britain).
  • Consider request for the development of a pamphlet for atheist and agnostic members.
  • Consider request for the development of a pamphlet based upon A.A.’s Three Legacies.
  • Review report and suggestions on the inclusion of language related to safety in A.A. literature.
  • Review revised draft pamphlet ‘A.A. for the Woman.”
  • Review revised draft pamphlet ‘A.A. and the Gay/Lesbian Alcoholic/’
  • Review draft pamphlet “A.A. for Alcoholics with Mental Health Issues.”
  • Review revised draft pamphlet “Inside A.A.: Understanding the Fellowship and its Services.”
  • Review progress report and draft revised text for the pamphlet The Twelve Traditions Illustrated.”
  • Review progress report on the update to the pamphlet “Too Young?”
  • Review progress report on the update to the pamphlet ‘Young People and A.A.”
  • Consider request for revision to Living Sober.
  • Consider request for the development of a new book combining Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions with Twelve Concepts for World Service.
  • Consider request to update the video “Your A.A. General Service Office, the Grapevine and the General Service Structure.”
  • Consider request to change the subtitle of the pamphlet “G.S.R. General Service Representative: May Be the Most Important Job in A.A.”
  • Consider request for the development of a new pamphlet for Spanish-speaking women alcoholics.
  • Consider request to add a section on anonymity to the pamphlet “Questions and Answers on Sponsorship.”
  • Review matrix of A.A. recovery literature.

VII.     Policy/Admissions

  • Approve request for one observer from A.A. in India to attend the 2018 General Service Conference.
  • Review dates for the 2021 General Service Conference.
  • Review report on the process, implementation and status on the site selection of the General Service Conference.
  • Review draft process for polling the General Service Conference between annual Conference meetings.
  • Review progress report on options for equitable distribution of the workload of Conference committees.
  • Consider request to develop a policy for the use of the Conference dashboard.
  • Discuss the following question from the trustees’ International Committee: “Does the US/Canada have a role/responsibility in assisting in the development of A.A. structures around the world through sponsoring other countries via direct invitations to observe our General Service Conference.”

VIII.  Public Information

  • Review 2017 annual report from the trustees’ Public Information Committee regarding and
  • Review 2018 Public Information Comprehensive Media Plan
  • Public Service Announcements (PSAs):
  1. Consider approving the proposed video PSA “Changes.”
  2. Consider centralized distribution, tracking and evaluation of the proposed video PSA “Changes,” at a cost not to exceed $42,000, in addition to the work of local public information committees.
  3. Review the 2017 Report on the Relevance and Usefulness of Video Public Service Announcements.
  • Consider approving a Young Peoples Video submission.
  • Consider revisions to the pamphlet “Understanding Anonymity” which expand content on Traditions Eleven and Twelve and adds information related to safety in A.A.
  • Consider revisions to the pamphlet “A Brief Guide to Alcoholics Anonymous” which update language, contact information and information on the prevalence and severity of alcoholism and add information related to safety in A.A.
  • Review a progress report on the A.A.W.S. Google for Nonprofit YouTube channel.
  • Review the 2018 trustees’ Public Information Committee Report on the use of Google AdWords and Google Grants to carry the A.A. message.
  • Review contents of P.I. Kit and Workbook.

 IX.   Report and Charter

  • The A.A. Service Manual, 2018-2020 Edition:
  1. Review list of editorial updates.
  2. Consider request for changes to chapters 2, 3, and 5.
  3. Consider adding “Panel” to the Glossary of General Service Terms.
  4. Consider adding graphics on page S75, above the section A.A. World Services, Inc., that visually display the positions on each of the three corporate boards.
  5. Consider adding text regarding standing committees from “The A.A. Group” pamphlet.
  6. Consider removing the following statement from the section Area Newsletters or Bulletins: “Any group or district of the Fellowship is free to use the symbol of a circle and triangle on newsletters, meeting schedules or other A.A. material.”
  7. Consider developing a plan for a revised editorial review process.
  • Discuss A.A. Directories (Canada, Eastern U.S., Western U.S., and International).
  • General Service Conference Final Report.
  1. Consider request that Conference committee additional considerations be published in their entirety both in the printed Conference Final Report and the anonymity-protected digital version.

X.     Treatment and Accessibilities

  • Review the trustees’ committee report on Cooperation with Armed Services Exploration Strategies.
  • Review proposed revisions to the pamphlet “Accessibility for All Alcoholics.”
  • Discuss ways that remote communities concerns might be addressed by the Conference.
  • Review summary of the Fellowship sharing on the need for additional material to support carrying the A.A. message to Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing A.A. members.
  • Review contents of Treatment Kit and Workbook.
  • Review contents of Accessibilities Kit and Workbook.

XI.   Trustees

  • Review resumes of candidates for:
  1. Eastern Canada Regional Trustee
  2. Pacific Regional Trustee
  • Review slates of trustees and officers of the General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous, Inc.
  • Review slate of directors of A.A. World Services, Inc.
  • Review slate of directors of AA Grapevine, Inc.
  • Review proposal to censure the General Service Board.
  • Review proposal to reorganize the A.A. World Services and General Service Boards.
  • Review report on the regional geographic service structure.

XII.     Archives

  • Review draft of proposed publication, Our Great Responsibility: Selections of Bill W.’s General Service Conference Talks, 1951-1970.
  • Consider request from the AA Grapevine Board to post the 2017 General Service Conference presentation, A.A. Grapevine and La Vina” on AA Grapevine’s YouTube channel.
  • Consider developing a policy on distribution of audio recordings of General Service Conference presentations.
  • Review Archives Workbook.

XIII.    International Conventions/Regional Forums

  • Discuss selection of cities to be considered as a site for the International Convention in 2030.
  • Discuss inviting up to twenty-one non-A.A. speakers to participate in the 2020 International Convention at A.A.’s expense.
  • Discuss ways to encourage interest in Regional Forums and attract first-time attendees.



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D11 Meeting Change


In order to get a jump on the Agenda Items for 2018 AKA 68th General Service Conference, the District 11 meeting will be held Sunday, February 18th, at the usual location of FUMC, Room 12. Final Agenda Items will be disseminated.