A.A. and the Armed Services


Excerpt from recent Box 459

Alcoholics Anonymous has had a close relationship with the armed services almost since its inception in 1935. The Grapevine, A.A.’s monthly magazine — known as “A.A.’s meeting in print” — was first published in June 1944, in part to help connect alcoholics on the world’s far-flung battlefields. In a regular feature titled “Mail Call for All AAs in the Armed Forces,” the Grapevine kept alcoholics close to A.A., no matter where they were, sharing stories of staying sober and working the program under difficult circumstances. And, later, in the 1970s, came publication of “A.A. and the Armed Services,” a pamphlet of stories from men and women staying sober while in the military. The pamphlet was most recently updated in 2012 and has now been translated into French and Spanish. Available from the General Service Office, it is an essential tool as A.A.s across the U.S. and Canada work with the armed forces.
So, how are active duty A.A.s and veterans faring these days? And how can A.A. continue reaching out to them?

“…but I don’t forget that I am a sober member of A.A. I am here to serve my country and I can’t do that if I drink.”

For more, see this, and past, issues available at:


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