Why YouTube???


Frequently Asked Questions about the

A.A.W.S./G.S.O. YouTube Channel

Q. Why YouTube?
A. The YouTube Nonprofit Program is a powerful tool that will allow Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. to accomplish three goals:
a. Share A.A. video content more broadly in a contemporary medium while improving our search engine optimization; making A.A. easier to find.
b. House A.A.W.S. video content in a location which gives local service structures and Intergroups the ability to embed this video content directly into their websites.
c. Measure and improve engagement with the general public, professional community, those seeking help, and local service structures.

Excerpt from BOX 459 for Holiday 2018, A.A.’s Quarterly Newsletter. For more of this article (total 12 Q/A’s), or other articles from this issue, visit https://www.aa.org/pages/en_US/box-4-5-9-news-and-notes-from-gso


Still P.O. Box 990274


Due to a glitch, our Mail Box was not renewed in time, so some mail was returned. That has been rectified. Though late, we managed to retain the same box number. If returned, please try again.

Thanks for your patience.


New District 11 Meeting Location…


District 11 has a new meeting location

Yes, not only have they changed from 4th Sunday to the 2nd Sunday, they have a new meeting location, which allows them to have keys to the room. The room rent is not only less but for longer time.

Any questions can be referred to the DCM at cniadistrict11@gmail.com.

for new district meeting

Map from old location to new location


Glitch with Internet Explorer…


To all users of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

A recent upgrade to IE seemingly, on certain platforms, refuses to recognize Google’s Calendar of Events.

But if you use F5 or Ctrl-R to refresh, it seems to clear the glitch.

Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Silk are not affected.

We are still diagnosing the glitch. If you have problems with the Calendar, and can’t clear it, please let us know by either a reply to this posting, or emailing cniadistrict11 at gmail dot com. Note: Use @ and . symbols in the address (fools the robots by spelling it out).

Again, the glitch only seems to affect IE on Windows-based processors (not sure exactly what versions… 7 for sure). Or use a different browser.